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Magic Cat Mitch: #1 Magic Cat Mitch: #1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Love it

It's like this was made for me... first thing I've really liked in a while, can't wait to see the next ones.

Alex Seryoua: Episode I Alex Seryoua: Episode I

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Neat work

Graphically very strong, but I almost feal it would work better with more limited animation as I'd rather have little movement than clunky movements. That's more than likely just me though. It left me wanting more so it definetly did its job. Nice work can already feel the personality of the character =D.
So the moon's a living being huh =\ interesting.

Kite Plight Kite Plight

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great animation and very cute

Not laugh outload funny but still very adorable.

The animation is something to commend and it makes me curious as to if this was made in flash? The characters always seemed a little fuzzy, which could be do to lowered picture quality, was this edited in something like after effects and exported at a lower qulaity? or were they imported from another program?
I was just kind of curious and no matter what very cool and well worth a watch.

Onelani responds:

It was all done in Flash but I had to re-import back in as a video which why the video quality is lower than it should be.

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- CoolioDJ - - CoolioDJ -

Rated 2 / 5 stars

A Rip Off

Its exactly like the Flash Flash Revolution secondary game which makes it kind of lame seeing as there is a better version of exactly what this is. the graphics are rather bland and gray, and the gameplay is rather boring.

If I hadn't played the other game, I would have thought higher of this one, but since I did I really can't get around the fact that its not as good.

Much better that this game doesn't lag which is important in a rhythm game.

an ok job, but I just can't get around that.

PiPi The Jumping Bubble PiPi The Jumping Bubble

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

WEll I'm curious what the suprise was

I got to th epoint where the whole world is about double the size of a bubble o nthe screen hiehgt of 41k and score of 286k, but nothing is worth playing for that long again.

The game was prett yentertaining yet nothing spectacular, while you're still in the atmosphere the planes get realy annoying as they don't go under your character they go over it, that really bother med.

The controls weren't explained extremely clearly i ttried twice to use the arrows but i figured it out, I'll admit i didn't really read them but i saw the line with two arrows on either side.

The graphics were kinda cool but very simple and the picture background kina stood out and bothered me.

Not much to say abuot the sound fairly average.

The gameplay was alright but sometimes it lagged a slight bit that caused you to die or come close to death, it might have just been my computer though so i'm not gonna dock yo uon that. It' got pretty boring after the first few tries but other than that. Nice ad-game thing.

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Little Fat Ninja Little Fat Ninja

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

To easy...

Thought that migh get your attention... lol.

In fact I found the game to be the perfect difficulty up untill level 3-1 the first and second level were fine. But coming off of level 2 and all of a sudden you need 100% percise jump to get the key, then another percise jump to get to the door, meh. A little difficult. I believe i may have found it easier because I'm using a drawing bad but still, with a mouse it can't be to much more difficult.

The graphics were nice, and the inability to control the ninja during jumps added alot more strategy and made you think it out, which in my opinion was good. It was nicely paced and there really wasn't ever a time I thought I couldn't beat a level. The bosses were a little easy, my only real complaint for them was that the chef was harder thenthe guy with the wip, If you had switched those it would have made more sense.

The sound loops were fairly frustrating, I muted it after the first level, but tat didn't hurt the game seeing as there weren't jumping sound effects. (good job leaving them out hearing him jump constantly would of really bothered me)

The gameplay was unique and that really sold the game to me, it was easy to pick up and the learning curve was usually just right.

Overall a very good game but there are a few kinks that could be worked out, Like if you jump to high in a map you auto die and the button on 1-2 (?) doesn't go down if you land on it from a fairly low jump. You have to land jump again but that's pretty minor.

Good game 9/10

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[ My Head Is A Balloon ] [ My Head Is A Balloon ]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic =D

Great accoustic song. Super upbeat and happy.
Great chord progression, upbeat lyrics, great quality, and entertaining.
What's not to like?

(Inspired a submission by me by the way I appreciate it =D)

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Kingbastard responds:

saw it, very good indeed