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Idea for a short story,

2009-03-28 03:11:35 by NextToNothing

Boy loses his phone finds it in his hand.

Christmas Game Out

2008-12-24 00:52:16 by NextToNothing

Just in time too =)

Hope you have some fun with it.

New Game... guh

2008-12-18 03:26:23 by NextToNothing

New game click the link directly above you =)....

my solo christmas game is coming along well just a score glitch to fix that I can't figure out =((((((((((

Expect to see it by the 20th.


2008-11-28 04:31:22 by NextToNothing


Check it out =)

Anyone have any good ways to get rid of those microphone clicks? I got rid of maybe half the others were far too stubborn.

Was kinda fun to animate took me too long, 6-7 hours over the course of a week, most of that trying to get rid of the clicks in the audio. The whole concept was inspired by a Kathlene Madigan joke about how if we drained the ocean we'd find a million tiny little missing posters, she's a funny lady, you should check her out on youtube or something.
Not sure how much I like the script anymore I hope people get it, it might just be too subtle/boring the animation is a little lazy, but I didn't want to do some intense expressions and posing since I wasn't too into it. Oh well, it looks OK.

I enjoy doing these tiny little shorts, I hate doing all the voices, I'm not skilled enough to make em sound different and consistent ='(.

~Next Idea(s)~
Music Video to Radiohead
Very short Short I've had planned out for a while, just having trouble making the camera do what I want in it
1 other based on another Kathlene Madigan Joke

I'm also supposed to do 2 games with a friend... Hope those happen I like drawing for games.

Anyone Have any short Sound Bites?

2008-09-30 18:44:14 by NextToNothing

New thing out:

4 hoursish of unfocussed animating ... Staying on model is for squares

I've been in an animating mood but I'm such a failure with sound It's pathetic. Even just finding proper sound effects ends in disaster. So anyone have any short (under a minute) sound bites they've wanted animated? Or know a good source for them? (I.e wrecklessmediaradio except most of those would be pretty difficult without all the context)

Not that anyone will read this. haha worth a shot.

Been a while

2008-09-02 02:52:09 by NextToNothing

Me and Colin, to lazy to link his account you can figure it out if you're really interested, made a little game forever ago and forgot about it for the longest time... In short its pretty decent I think couple ideas got scrapped out of lazyness but it's pretty long anyway haha...

I did the art/animating, colin did alot of the level layout, I'd say the basic coding was done by me without a lot of help from tutorials then he did everything remotely difficult. He also designed a solid 2/3'rds of the levels.
Was fun expect some more quick animations from me now that schools started and i need distractions =)

Oh and uhh the character design was a submit for jetbot2 at some point (which was orignally gonna be made by me and psycho but then i dropped off the face of the planet for a few weeks) don't know what happened to that but if it looks similiar its some clever recycling

OMG... It's a Game!

2008-03-21 03:41:55 by NextToNothing

I tried my hands at this "acktionshcript", and with alot of help from the greatest reference, the internet, I've pieced together a non coherent bundle of coding that seems to do something coherent!
It was alot of fun and much different, so much fun in fact I'm going to try my hand at another game by myself =). Won't give to much away but keep a look out for an update in a week or so time.

Shoutout to Kabomb for a badass random enemies tutorial that really helped me out . Check it out at as:main

New Short fo' Real

2008-03-03 21:44:58 by NextToNothing

Animated one of those skits on Kanye West's albums... kept me entertained while I was stuck at my house.
Comments are hot =)

New platformer in Works =D

2007-12-01 02:47:11 by NextToNothing

Wurmy be doing the programming I be doing the arts =P
Pretty basic platformer but it should be killer.

More to come =D...